A few months ago a bug resulted in a large number of records being created
in a table ([email_que]) by mistake. Bug was fixed and 1 or 2 million bogus
records were deleted.

Since then the data file has been verified and compacted at least once.

Just now I was running a verify on the data file again and notice 4D
spending a - very - long - time verifying that table. Looking at the verify
log I notice a few, but not all, tables with this message listed by them.

The table property "Records are definitively deleted" is not checked for
[email_que]. At least one other table with the message do have it checked.

I have to assume it's connected with the the large selection that was
deleted. But given that I would expect a repair/compact operations to have
resolved it.

Anyone else run into this?

Kirk Brooks
San Francisco, CA

*We go vote - they go home*
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