Has anyone experienced this? :

This is on MacOs High Sierra.

I have a 4D app running in 4D v16.4, 32 bits, because there’s of a lot of old 
4D Write code still in it.
The app runs fine in 4D stand-alone and on 32 bits 4D remote, also when running 

However, when I build a stand-alone application, the 4D Write plugin is not 
being copied to the built application's package.
I DID select the plugins in the ‘Build application’ window and there are 2 
licenses: 4D developer professional v16 and 4D unlimited desktop v16.

So I copied the ‘4D Write.bundle’ file manually to the ‘Plugins’ folder inside 
the package.

Unfortunately, when running the application, this error occurs:

’The executable could not be loaded’

-9949 License or privilege error. (4D Write (16.4 build 16.226553))
-1       The plug-in method cannot be executed.

Just to make sure, I added code to check whether the 4D Write plugin was 
assigned to a group and the current user was a part of that group, and it was.

This happens whether I log in as ‘Designer’ or as any other user.

Any ideas on how to solve this?


Rudy Mortier
Two Way Communications bvba 

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