Yes, I did read this thread.  It was very helpful in connecting the dots.  One 
thing I am still uncertain of is which version I should use.  I am running 
V15R5.  Should I use vc-framework-v14 or v17?


> On Jan 14, 2019, at 03:56, Epperlein, Lutz (agendo) via 4D_Tech 
> <> wrote:
> Look at this posting from last week: 
> <>
> The other docu you find on GitHub <>
> And regarding the import feature: you can't import forms, it is implemented 
> only for methods. But export works for both, methods and forms.
> Another remark: The component is based on 
> <> by former 4D employee Josh Fletcher.
> Regards
> Lutz
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>> Subject: Re: 4D and Subversion
>> So using Lutz Epperlein’s vc-framework is the same process?
>> Thanks,
>> Sandor Szatmari
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