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> I'm not sure what you mean. The window had 2 or 3 boxes per line. The first
> one seems only to allow fields to be entered. The 2nd for non-boolean
> fields is the comparison box, equals, is different from, etc. The 3rd is a
> value.
> This is the default query window created from this code: QUERY SELECTION BY
> FORMULA([Table]). It appears to be exactly the same query window as QUERY
> SELECTION([Table]).
> If you have something that works please let me know what steps to go
> through to do it!
> Ps My understanding is that we cannot send images here. Is that still true?

To access the query by formula option in the new query editor you need to 
option-click on the “+” button at the far right of a line. When you do that, 
you get a new query line that allows you to enter a formula. You can delete the 
first line in the query editor with the “-“ button.

An interesting and hidden feature of the new query editor is that you can mix 
field lines and formula lines into a single query. 

And no, you cannot send images to this message board. You have to pass a link 
to something like this:



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