Anyone out there with QPix 3.7 License experience? I’m asking because I just 
took over a project for a client whose app uses QPix and I made some minor 
edits to code other than QPix then compiled and built a .4DC and delivered it 
to them. When they installed it (drag and drop) they got a QPix license error 
on startup saying there were "no seats available”. When they ‘rolled back’ to 
the previous .4DC there is no QPix license error. I’ve reviewed the QPix 
documentation around license installation and there appears to be a developer 
key that is installed in the structure file and licenses which are installed on 
the server in the 4D folder. Is there also a Deployment Key which needs to be 
in the structure? Do I need to install a key each time I build a new .4DC? Can 
anyone shed any light on this?

I’ve reached out to for support, but thought I’d post here in 
case someone has a quick answer.


Tom Benedict
4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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