Kirk/Albert Brooks pointed me in the right direction -- if you open the window 
with Open Form Window, then the behavior is just automatic. If you open the 
window with Open Window, then you need to enable the On Close Box event and 
write a handler for that event.  

64-bit seems pickier/more consistent than 32-bit.

> On Feb 7, 2019, at 2:19 AM, Bernd Fröhlich via 4D_Tech <> 
> wrote:
> I read about a a "click through" property (a long time ago and not connected 
> to 4D).
> If that is not set, then the first click into a window brings it to the front 
> and the second click has the desired outcome.
> If it is set, then one click does both.
> Not sure if that was per window or per program or if 4D even supports it.
> Maybe something to do with the window type (composite vs. non composite)?
> Sorry, that may be not much help, but that´s all I remember.

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