Thanks, Tim and Bruno. You are both correct. This particular organization's server uses SSL3 and supports only TLS 1.0.

Given that the site in question belongs to one of the five largest museums in the world, I would rate my chances at getting them to re-deploy their server platform at my request are between zero and nil.

Thanks again.

On 2/11/2019 12:29 PM, Timothy Penner wrote:
I agree with Bruno; the most likely answer is that the server does not support 
TLS 1,2 - use the site Bruno mentioned in order to test the server to see what 
TLS versions it supports.

Check out the blog post from October 2017 describing the change in 4D where we 
no longer allow connections to servers that do not support TLS 1.2:

You can handle this on the 4D Side by lowering the minimum TLS version (shown 
in the tech tip below) but it's not recommended:

Honestly, you should ask the provider to update their software so that it 
supports TLS 1.2 as the older algorithms have vulnerabilities in them and you 
shouldn't enable them if you are concerned about security.


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Could be there that the SSL/TLS version of your server is not supported (too 
old or too new).

You can use nmap or online tools to check the configuration of the server...

This will give you a list of ciphers


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