Hey Chip,

I do understand how to get what I want but it appears that the UI optics have 
changed from earlier versions.

However, thanks for sharing your logic and code fragments.


> conceptually - 4D should do the cursor change for you
> (declaimer: not v17)
> I have selection list boxes which I allow the user to drag data from 
> other list boxes in other windows/processes.
> In the On Begin Drag Over I setup a process variable, 
> ptr_Drag_n_Drop_Source, which holds a pointer to the source table.
> In the On Drag Over event - I test for valid data, and return either 0 
> or -1. By returning either value to the droppable area you should 
> trigger 4D's cursor change to indicate a droppable area, and whether 
> the data being dragged is valid for the drop area.
> i.e.
> // Drop area object - object method
> Case of
> :(Form event = On Drag Over)
> // the below 2 lines can be substituted with test for the data type(s) 
> on the pasteboard
> PROPERTIES($Source_Object;$Source_Element;$Source_Process_Number)
> VARIABLE($Source_Process_Number;ptr_Drag_n_Drop_Source;$Source_Table)
> // is_allowed is just for this example and is whatever criteria is 
> valid in your circumstances
>  if (Is_allowed($Source_Table))   
>   $0:=0
>  else
>   $0:=-1
>  end if
> end case
> Chip

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