Hi folks,
Here is a link to a few methods you may find useful.

Sometimes the focus rectangle is just not the look I want on a form. What I
demo here are a couple of techniques for adding dynamic field highlighting
on the fly. Both of them are a very easy. I provide a few configurations to
get you started. It's easy to build on those and add more.

I really like the improved animation 4D has added to the way objects move
on a form.

The demo requires v17 because I use dot notation in the code. I include the
methods as text files. The actual mechanics probably work all the way back
to v11 though it's going to more cumbersome without object names. It should
be possible to re-write the code for earlier versions if you want.

Kirk Brooks
San Francisco, CA

What can be said, can be said clearly,
and what you can’t say, you should shut up about

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