On Feb 19, 2019, at 2:00 PM, Ronnie Teo wrote:

> My user’s IT is looking into implementing the following:
> 1.   Enforcing NTLMv2 authentication on all servers & PC
> 2.   Enabling LDAP and SMB signing on all servers and PCs
> They have asked for the following feedback :
> 1.  Does 4D have any compatibility or limitation when the setting “NTLM v2 
> Response only & refuse LM/NTLM v1” is enabled for all Servers and PCs?
> 2.  Does 4D have any compatibility or limitation with LDAP/SMB 
> signing(Including non-windows Servers i.e. Solaris, Linux, Redhat, etc)?
> The current production environments are a 4Dv11 server running on Windows 
> Server 2008r2 and a 4Dv15 server running on a Windows Server 2012.
> Can anyone offer some input into the above?

If you can upgrade to 4D v17 there are some options that might be useful for 

Single Sign On (SSO) on Windows


New 4D command “Current client authentication”


The docs do not specify what versions of NTLM the Current client authentication 
command supports. I would open a 4D Tech Support case and ask that question. 
They can find out the low level details of what it supports.  


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