first, you should check  the documentation of the command you use,
to see if they support stdOut output. ( " -o - " or something like that)

if not, you might want to consider calling it via bash or some other shell 


> 2019/03/11 5:07、Peter Mew via 4D_Tech <>のメール:
> Hi
> I wonder if anyone can help me with this.
> I have a LEP command that reads a file from disc, does some processing
> using a program called "shntool", and writes the processed result back to
> disc
> C_Blob($in;$out)
> C_Text($err)
> Launch external process(<>PathToShntool+" "+"strip"+" "+"-O always"+"
> "+$InputFile+" "+$OutputFile;$In'$out;$err)
> This works fine. However I would Like the command to Write to a Blob
> instead of the Output File.
> There is no output in stdout($out)
> Is it possible to do this?

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