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Notarisation goes one step further than a normal code sign.

This example only deals with code signing.




Further reading:



Note: You can code sign your App with the "Mac Developer" profile, which does 
not require a $99 membership, just a free apple ID promoted to an Apple 
Developer ID. The app will be flagged to be coming from an "unidentified 
developer" but the user can still choose to run it. Im my opinion, there is no 
reason for a 4D developer to not sign their app at least using this option. You 
can also code sign a 4D for iOS app with this option, if you only need to 
install and run your app on your own device. The $99 membership enables the 
"Developer ID Application" and "Developer ID Installer" profile and their iOS 
counterparts required for distribution via the App Store in addition to ad hoc 
deployment to registered devices. The enterprise membership enables 
distribution outside the App Store, so the two programs are actually 
complementary, not mutually exclusive.

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