Using v17r4.

I'm finding it "challenging" to add styling to tables in a WP document.

*Problem no. 1: Attributes are applied to the wrong row*
Here is some simple sample code:

$rows:=*WP Get elements*(wptable;wk type table row)

$n:=$rows.length // $n = 3


*WP SET ATTRIBUTES*($row;wk font bold;*True*)

*WP SET ATTRIBUTES*($row;wk font size;"16pt")

These attributes are applied, but to Row 2 instead of Row 1!

*Problem no. 2: Cannot apply a stylesheet*
Using the same code as above, with this added:

*WP SET ATTRIBUTES*($row;wk style sheet;tStyleSheetName)

I get the error:
"unknown stylesheet name: header_row"

But header_row is definitely defined within the document. Stylesheets are
applied in the same manner elsewhere in the document, and they work fine -
just not when applied to tables.

Am I doing something wrong or are these two bugs?


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