Hi Julio,

Try the following.
In my case, I pass this method a Folder Name and a Document name. This is 
because I deal with multi-language documents kept in separate folders. 
The user sees a name of the document without the “.pdf”.

You could just remove those lines and populate $tFileName with the full system 
path to the document you want to print.

Hope this helps,





$cmd_t:="lp -d \"printerName\" \"documentPath\""
$tPathNameX:=Convert path system to POSIX($tFileName)
$cmd_t:=Replace string($cmd_t;"printerName";Get current printer)
$cmd_t:=Replace string($cmd_t;"documentPath";$tPathNameX)

LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS($cmd_t;$in_t;$out_t;$error_t)


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> Subject: Printing a PDF document from 4D
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> Has anyone here had the need to print a PDF document from 4D, and found a 
> solution?
> I am not talking about generating a PDF from 4D. I have an existing PDF 
> document and I need 4D to print it for me! Exactly, user selects a PDF 
> document and I have 4D command it to be printed.
> I can use LEP, a plugin, whatever, but so far I have not found a way to do 
> it, with a 100% assurance the document will come out faithfully.
> Oh, and this in on Windows.
> Thanks for any pointers.
> --
> Julio Carneiro
> jjfo...@gmail.com
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