Hi everyone,

As of now, most of you should already know about the upcoming 2019 4D World 
Tour. As one of the 4D World Tour presenters, I’m looking forward to see many 
of you and share with you some of the cool stuff we have been working on in the 
last several months. Our focus is not just to talk about the new and exciting 
features. We have want to inspire you and bring to you demonstration that is 
practical and applicable to the real world usage. Also, all attendees will take 
home a USB thumb-drive that includes all presentation, source demo 
applications, components, and documentation.

For those of you who are still deciding whether this event is worth going, the 
answer is YES, YES, and YES. The 4D World Tour comes only once every 2 years. 
The take away contents are available to the on-site attendees only, they will 
not be available anywhere else.

The US World Tour will be held in Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, Austin and 
San Jose. To register for the US World Tour, please visit 
http://go.4d.com/4DWT2019-USACanada. For the Worldwide World Tour location, 
please visit http://go.4d.com/WT2019.html.

Hope to see you there.

Add Komoncharoensiri
4D, Inc.

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