I have only one 4D server that run, 3 expansion pack with 5 connection plus one expansion pack with 1 connection.

There are onĂ²y 7 user connected with 4D server.

Today i have delete the preference folders and restart 4D server.



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How do you know it's the 8th connection? If you log into the server and
observe the console window you can verify:

1) how many licenses (seats) you have available
2) how many are currently logged in

I would check that you have all your expansion licenses installed. 7 users
is the 2 default users and one 5-user expansion pack. 16 seats is an odd
number but certainly suggests another expansion pack or two. Check it.
Especially is the server was recently updated or upgraded.

It's also possible you have some 'ghost' users. This can happen when a
connection gets interrupted and the server doesn't remove the user.

Another situation to look for is another instance of the v12 server
running. 4D allows you to have multiple instances of the server running on
the same machine and the total number of licenses you have is distributed
among them. So if you have 3 instances of v12 server running you may have a
total of 16 (if that number is correct) users logged into the 3.
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