4D 17r5 introduces a new data class function:  .getinfo()
It returns an OBJECT with .name  .primaryKey  .tableNumber  characteristics.

But GET TABLE PROPERTIES( ) returns a few more tidbits of information about a 
dataclass that you may want to have collected too.
So the method below will return an object with all the  .getinfo() attributes 
and the additional ones from GET TABLE PROPERTIES( )

Call it as:   DS_GetTablePropertyObj( {dataClass Name} ) // —> OBJ
Note: the method assumes you are giving it a valid dataClass name. If you 
don’t, well, I don’t know what happens!

  // DS_GetTablePropertyObj( dClass name) --> OBJ with all the properties in 
one object
C_TEXT($1)  // the dataClass name (i.e. TABLE name)
C_OBJECT($0)  // the object containing all the dataClass's attributes from all 
C_BOOLEAN($invis;$trigNew;$trigSave;$trigDel)  // these additional tidbits can 
be discovered from GET TABLE PROPERTIES ( )

$0:=ds[$1].getInfo()  // attributes:  name, primaryKey, tableNumber
  // at this point, we can include information retrieved from GET TABLE 
GET TABLE PROPERTIES($0.tableNumber;$invis;$trigNew;$trigSave;$trigDel)  // get 
these settings. update them if need.
  // now the $0 object has all the information we have have on the TABLE

I am using this because I am creating and ‘remembering’ TABLE —> STORAGE 
This just retrieves the TABLE stuff…

— Chris
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