I’m moving my app to v17 to run in 64bit. One of the major roadblocks is that 
EDI orders have to be downloaded from an EDI Van’s ftp site.

On the FTP_Receive call I get a error 54 "Connection reset by peer “ , this is 
after a long pause.

Prior to this upgrade I was using v16.4 with a 4D InternetCommands.bundle from 
v15 R3 . This bundle may have been modified.
I vaguely remember having this problem a few years ago and someone kindly gave 
me a patched version.

From what I remember it had something to do with with an option that can be set 
in other ftp system but is fixed in 4D, maybe showing hidden files, I could be 

When I switch back to my v16 system running 32Bit it works, I can also use 
Fetch ftp application and it works.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Clive Wilson
(386) 235-6442

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