Thanks to all who responded. I am really confused now. Turns out the problem 
was in fact what I suspected all along… the end of row delimiter was a line 
feed and not a carriage return. 

This begs a few questions …

        Why did this change all of a sudden. I had been working with the same 
text document for most of the day and it was working fine. This is an old 
project and I have never had an issue with this particular section of cade 

        On a Mac doesn’t TextEdit use carriage returns? It has always done so 
for me in the past. If I hit the return key on my keyboard it should be a 
carriage return. As soon as I saw this problem earlier today, I re-typed all 
the paragraph endings with a return using the return key on my keyboard in 
TextEdit. In the past if there was a line feed in the document it always showed 
up as a blank character. In other words, back space the carriage return and you 
had to backspace one more time to get to the end of the paragraph.

        No need to respond. I knew what the problem most likely was before I 
sent my first message. Thanks to Spencer Hinsdale for suggesting to use USE 
CHARACTER SET("iso-8859-1";1). It revealed the \n in the returned package. 
Otherwise I would have continued to chase my tail on this one.


>> On Mar 25, 2020, at 8:10 PM, Spencer Hinsdale via 4D_Tech 
>> <> wrote:
>> Does the behavior change if you insert
>> USE CHARACTER SET("iso-8859-1";1)
>> before receive packet
>> On 3/25/20, 8:01 PM, "4D_Tech on behalf of JOHN BAUGHMAN via 4D_Tech" 
>> < on behalf of> wrote:
>>> On Mar 25, 2020, at 3:54 PM, Jeffrey Kain via 4D_Tech 
>>> <> wrote:
>>> You've got a smart quote in there... email post typo or is it in your code?
>>      Actually I typed that in while drafting the email. This is old code 
>> that has worked for years. I also tried changing the code to char(carriage 
>> return)
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