Hi All,

As you may already be aware, there are a number of procedures in the
space for which it is useful to be able to send GPG signed and/or
encrypted emails. I am organising a keysigning event for the 17th April
@ 20:00 to help improve our web-of-trust for GPG.

What is this GPG thing?

If you do not know what GPG is, please take a moment to skim through
this guide:


Times this can be useful within the hackerspace:

 * Director nomination
 * Appointing a proxy for an AGM
 * Confidential communication with directors

If you are interested in contributing to a larger open source project,
as these are typically geographically distributed trust is often
established through the use of GPG. Some examples of such projects
include: Debian, Ubuntu and Tor Project.

How is our web-of-trust currently?

You can see the latest on the 57North web-of-trust at:


What's the procedure?

If your key is already listed on the spacekeys page above, then for now
you do not need to do anything. If your key is not included, please
upload your key to a public keyserver and send me the fingerprint by email.

Please send mail to i...@fsfe.org with the subject line "Keysigning
Party" so that I do not miss it. Do *not* reply to the mailing list.

You must do this by the 14th April!

On the 15th April, I will produce a text file and mail this to the
57north-discuss list. You will need to do two things with this file:

 * Print the file
 * Generate a checksum for the text file and write it onto your printout

(I will provide more extensive instructions at the time that I send it out)

Bring this printout, a pen, and a form of ID (ID is not mandatory, but
some may not sign your key without it) to the space ready to start for
20:00 on the 17th April.


Feel free to reply with questions on the -discuss list where either I,
or another hacker, can try to help.


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