Howdy friends!

I think my plan this coming weekend is to be resident in 57N on Friday Night 
and Saturday afternoon to work on things and drink some beers!
I'll be working on music boxes, aberdeen science centre ideas, and thinking 
about the video project and more. 

Please come and join me, and notify me if you plan to. If no one says they're 
coming to play, then I'll sit at home on the PS4. 

Acceptable notification mediums are this mailing list, irc, fediverse, signal, 
telegram, sms, whatsapp, matrix, patreon, twitter direct 
message, instagram, discord, ps4 messenger, smoke signals, packet radio, or 
something else appropriate.

I may also think about an acceptable method for remote attendance via video 
conference bridge also if you're keen to say hi but can't relocate.


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