Howdy Friends.

My Monday curling sessions are now complete until September. This means it's 
time for hacking!

Previously, there were regular Monday sessions for quiet project work - less 
manic and more work focussed than the social Tuesdays. If you've got a tough 
nut to crack, something to solder or code to forge,  come and play! Let's bring 
them back to life!

All are welcome, and supervised guests of course. I expect this to run every 
second Monday, maybe every Monday if there's demand or a crunch on to get 
something done! That means this month, expect the 8th and 22nd. 

I shall be in space from around 20:00 on Monday to get some mad hax done. Ping 
a message to the list and come join me so I don't kill myself with a soldering 
iron or whatever.


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