Hi friends! I thought it was time to send another email reminding you about 
campGND. It’s just over a month away - are you ready? I’m not!

campGND is a weekend long camping festival for hackers, makers and 
technologists running May 31st, June 1st and 2nd 2019. Everyone is invited to 
come along and get involved!

campGND is held in a scenic location in the North East of Scotland[1], with 
power, wifi and whatever awesome we choose to build. 

campGND is put on by members of 57N Hackerspace and the ever expanding Scottish 
Consulate crew for any neighbourly folk that wish to join us. We need your help 
to build out infrastructure to hack the planet from a field.

If you have any questions about what you’ll need to bring or want to ask if 
anyone has car space you can steal, reply to this email and we can talk about 
it. Maybe you want to know if we’re planning on cooking together (yes) or if 
we’re going to try and run talks (yes) - maybe you want to help with both! 
Again, reply here, or maybe join irc. 

There's an ever increasing amount of planning detail on the wiki, come and help 
us build a great event! [2]

If you want discuss things, join the scotcon mailing list [3] or irc [4]
and get involved!

[1] https://scottishconsulate.org/campgnd2019/overview#where_is_it
[2] https://scottishconsulate.org/campgnd2019/overview
[3] https://lists.scottishconsulate.org/listinfo/cables
[4] https://scottishconsulate.org/#irc

- Hibby and [tj]

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