Hi all,

This evening is our weekly open night. The Space will be open from 7pm
at the space on Skene Terrace[1]. We usually begin at about 7, but
sometimes someone will be in earlier. We're located downstairs from
Engage Gaming. Access is through our door just beside the Assembly on
Skene Terrace! If you're unsure about anything, ask in IRC[1].

If you're new, I'd suggest you bring a laptop, and perhaps a project
you want to work on. If you're coming in, feel free to reply and tell
us all what you're planning to do!

I'll be down 'burning-in' the 3D printer with trolly-coin prints,
whilst playing with lighting controllers and doodling simple
instructions for making brushbots

This Saturday is the 57N's takeover event, taking place all day at the
Aberdeen Science Centre. We have a number of displays we'll be running
[2].  If you are free and bored in the evenings running up to the
event or for the event itself on Saturday, consider offering to help
with a presenter's todo list or as a helper on the day.

Lastly, do check the trashing page on the wiki [3]. It lists items we
intend to trash unclaimed items in the next few days if unclaimed. If
you have claimed something, now is the time to collect it.


[1]: https://57north.org.uk/contact
[2]: https://nordintown.com/sites/takeover
[3]: https://wiki.57north.org.uk/index.php/Trashing
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