Hi All.

For all those involved in the Hacklab takeover event happening
tomorrow at the Aberdeen Science Centre, they will be open to the
public from 10am till 5ish Saturday, and we can arrive from 8am
tomorrow for setup if we wish. Also the centre are able to receive us
from 4 until 5.30 today if we want to bring items early or measure up.
I'll be heading over later and arriving just after 4pm to measure up
cable runs and test-hang material for the MQTT lighting corner. Others
are welcome.

Regarding parking tomorrow for organisers (and today if other people
are heading), there is limited parking behind their centre for
authorised cars only [0] for ASC staff and staff-visitors like us. I
have not yet heard back how many parking slots we'll have, but it will
probably be between 1 and 2.

If you have any questions, please shoot them back at the list. There
are at least 3 space members down to showcase interactions from our
personal project shelves, others have said they may come along also
and we would very happy if any other hacklab regulars fancied dropping
in to help. The main aim is to demonstrate 'fun and useful coding' to
kids but there will be our usual brush bots making also  - see [1] for
a list of what we are showing, and [2] for the ASC Facebook event. I
can report it is quite fun to help kids build and battle their bot
creations, but just visiting to chat to the older kids and adults
about the technology we play with day-to-day would also be very
positively received. It's a great way to get the word out about us.
The centre's current address is opposite John Lewis, off George

See you there if you can make it.


[1] https://nordintown.com/sites/takeover
[2] https://www.facebook.com/events/2398418193536798
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