Hello hackers, makers and assorted miscreants!

I'm calling from the Scottish Consulate [1], Scotland's travelling
hacker collective. This email is going out to a few places, and I
figured we couldn't miss 57N out. You might be familiar with the name
due to the roadsign hanging in the space and my near constant nonsense
talking about it - hopefully this clears up the cryptic meaning behind

We are a group who go to the major hacker & maker events around Europe
to run a chilled out, social workspace for all with an evening party

The places we've been recently include EMF Camp 2016 [2], CCCamp 2015
[3] and the winter CCC Congress, most recently 32C3 [4] in our ongoing
attempt to misrepresent our nation in the eyes of foreigners.
While visiting these event we generally open out friendship to people of
all nations and are nurturing an international community of like minded

During our extensive travels we have met crazy Scots doing interesting
things and we feel that by coming together we can better showcase what
Scotland is capable of. Some of you who already go to these events may
have met us, others are yet to have the pleasure. We'd like some more
creative friends to come and play.  At the very least, more people to
idle on irc with would be cool.

If you've never been to a hacker conference or camp, it is a great entry
point into hacker culture, and an excellent way of improving your own
skills at an incredible pace. You also get to meet new people and have a
great party.
We have a range of individuals who'll help guide you through your first
event - from finding talks to see and presenting your own talks to
sitting in our communal area working on a project or partying all night

To see the events we've been to and the planning efforts for where we're
going next (33C3, December 2016), check out the events page on our wiki
We are willing to travel to visit your space or group, make a formal
introduction, talk about how great hacker events are or just hang out
for a while.

If you want to learn more, check out the website [1] or get directly in
contact [6]. 
We're idling on irc and have a mailing list for you to keep up with the
latest news and nonsense.

IMPORTANT: We are in no way associated with or have any diplomatic
mission related to the Government of Scotland or the UK. We just thought
the name was fun.

[1] https://scottishconsulate.org/
[2] https://www.emfcamp.org/
[3] https://events.ccc.de/camp/2015/
[4] https://events.ccc.de/congress/2015/
[5] https://scottishconsulate.org/events
[6] https://scottishconsulate.org/contact

  Much Love <3
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