Hello all

Tomorrow is the open day. I'll be along early at 5 till about 6, There is a 
talk happening at the arts centre around the corner, which some of you may be 
interested in:

*Is Revolution still possible in the twenty-first centuary?*
- With Neil Davidson • Tues 20 June • 7 pm Aberdeen Arts Centre • 33 King St
- Hosted by Radical Independence Aberdeen. radical.scot

What do we mean by revolution? After an election campaign where (at best) 
variants of the status quo seemed to be on offer, isn’t talking about 
revolution just a utopian fantasy?  Lecturer & author Neil Davidson will look 
at the way different types of revolutions are part of our history, the social 
forces that have led to them, and whether successful socialist revolutions are 
still possible today. We can promise a lively discussion, engaging with the big 
issues and providing space to think about how real change can happen. 


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