Dear all :

ROLL has the concept of a leaf, that is a 6LN that is not aware of RPL but 
needs routing handled for it.

With RPL, and probably any other route-over protocol, there is a need to signal 
either way, i.e. the node handles its routing (like a classical RPL node) or 
the node expects that the 6LR will manage the routing on its behalf (like a RPL 
leaf). The bit is IGP-agnostic, and it applies to any protocol.

draft-thubert-roll-unaware-leaves suggests a bit that indicates that the 6LR 
that is capable to handle its routing should signal it, so the unaware leaf 
does not need to set it.

Q: Should the bit be defined in rfc6775-update as opposed to a ROLL since it is 
IGP agnostic?

Side question: Is it the right approach or should the leaf set the bit instead?



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