Dear all,

KEREVAL is a french testing lab involved in the European project F-interop 
which aim is to develop an interoperability testing platform for WPAN.
In this project, we develop the 6lo interoperability testing part.

For the next IETF-101, during the hackaton slot, we'll organize a plugtest in 
order for 6lo providers to test the interoperability of their solutions.
We cover the following RFCs:
- RFC4944: Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.15.4 Networks
- RFC6282: Compression Format for IPv6 Datagrams over IEEE 802.15.4-Based 
- RFC6775: Neighbor Discovery Optimization for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless 
Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs)
We'll come with an implementation based on linux-WPAN running on a RPi and the 
radio chip.

You'll find, in few days, materials describing the platform and how to use it, 
in the Hackaton website.

If you are interested, here is a doodle, in order for us to know if you could 
have interest for this plugtest and to organize it. 
(please, could you use the comment part of the doodle to indicate which your 
name implementation is)

Thanks for your attention.


Alain Ribault
Directeur Technique

4, Rue Hélène Boucher
35235 Thorigné-Fouillard

Fixe : 0223204188
Mobile : 0613895589

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