Hi Samita,


We implemented our 6lo draft <draft-ietf-6lo-deadline-time-01 > in open source 
OpenWSN environment and got merged with the main distribution.


Please find the github links for the same.


https <https://github.com/openwsn-berkeley/openwsn-fw/pull/355> :// 


Have a look and include in the Wikipedia page if it suits.


Thanks & Regards,

Lijo Thomas 



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Hi Carles,


Thanks so much for setting the example and spreading words about IETF 6lo work.

Others, if you have any repository on the open implementations on 6lo please 
let this wg know.


I plan to update the wikipedia page with some basic information on 6lo WG plus 
documents and will request the WG to update accordingly.



Best regards,



On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 12:44 AM, Carles Gomez Montenegro 
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Dear all,

In the last IETF meeting, one of the topics discussed during the 6Lo WG
session was promoting 6Lo.

One thing that hopefully may contribute in this regard is an article we
published few months ago in IEEE Communications Magazine:

  C. Gomez, J. Paradells, C. Bormann, J. Crowcroft, "From 6LoWPAN to 6Lo:
  Expanding the Universe of IPv6-Supported Technologies for the Internet of
  Things", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 55, Issue 2, Dec 2017,
  pp. 148-155.

The IEEE link to the article is:

For folks that do not have access to IEEE, a preprint can be found here:

We hope this can be useful to the community.



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