Hi 6tisch bootstrap followers,

Curently, we live in a confusing world wih many bootstrap proposals.
They all seem to have in common; a joining node, an assistant, a central authority, and Michael Richardson.
While each bootstrap proposal seems to have a different naming history.

Joking apart, I like to plead for a commmon bootstrap approach in 6tisch, and anima to share parts of the bootstrap protocols. I suspect that the discovery and the push- or pull start will be technology and context dependent. My concern is with the number of protocols that the central authority has to support. When there are too many bootstrap approaches, we may end up with as many protocol converters as there are bootstrap protocols.

The anima bootstrap team has recognized the importance of low resource devices by supporting the use of coap. The drafts "EST over coaps" demonstrate that the support of two protocols (coap and http based) in the cental authority is realistic.

My plea is that we find a common protocol that replaces EST for the coap nodes.

I understand that after the bad experience with CoMI, the 6tisch people do not want to be dalayed again by waiting for a common approach.
Nevertheless, I think it is worthwhile to explore this avenue.

Any comments?


Peter van der Stok

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