This reflects what we have discussed in Bangkok. Let’s open a 1-week window
for people to comment on these points.

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> Hi all,
> As discussed during IETF 103, here is a list of proposed changes for
> minimal-security-09 that we will use for the second WGLC:
> - Add "join rate" parameter in the Configuration structure present in Join
> Responses and Parameter Update requests: As discussed during IETF 103,
> allowing the JRC to dynamically set the join rate at each individual JP in
> the network may prove useful in order to 1) speed up the network formation
> by allocating all the available bandwidth to join; 2) throttling join
> traffic sent by JPs in case of an attack; 3) switching off the join
> process; 4) enabling/disabling a given node to act as a JP. The value of
> this parameter will be used to set CoAP's congestion control mechanism at
> the JP. As discussed, the text should not prevent the JP to use another
> mechanism, e.g.
> and locally decide on a value that it should use, but in case this
> parameter is received in the Configuration object, the value set by the JRC
> MUST take precedence. Is this fine?
> - Remove "network identifier" from the Configuration structure present in
> Join Response and Parameter Update requests: During IETF 102, we agreed on
> not managing all of the 6LBR parameters with CoJP protocol, so this
> parameter when present in a Join Response is a remnant. It used to be there
> to allow the JRC to signal to the 6LBR which network identifier (i.e. PAN
> ID) to use to advertise the network. With this parameter removed from
> Configuration object, there is an expectation that the JRC and 6LBR
> exchange this and other necessary parameters (timeslot duration, template,
> slotframe length, etc) through another protocol. The proposed text is at:
> - Clarification text on handling JRC failures and significant OSCORE
> sequence number mismatch, aligning it better with OSCORE. The proposed text
> is at:
> If you have any suggestions/recommendations/concerns, please raise them at
> the latest a week from now.
> Mališa
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