On May 14, 2010, at 9:58 PM, EBo wrote:

I lived in NM for 8 years, I loved it, still do, but ABQ fails the
"transport hub" criterion.

I had lots of complaints about that when we had conferences in santa fe.

Actually, Santa Fe is a pain to have as a destination for an international conference unless there is a reason to be at the capital or Los Alamos...

 EBo --

If I thought people would actually come, I would see if I could organize
something in Ouray Colorado.  It is about 300 miles north of Albuquerque
in the San Juan Mountains.  You get there by first flying to Denver,
Phoenix, or Albuquerque, then catching a puddle-hopper to Montrose and
then renting a car or catching a shuttle to go the remaining 35 miles to
Ouray. I think it fails the "transport hub" test but it would be equally
inconvenient for everyone and the hotel rates are cheap in October.


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