Very cool!  more lights than the WOPR and slightly less than the
Connection Machine :)

The Stagecoach board seems to be available on gumstix site. Anyone order it yet?


On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 9:56 AM, ron minnich <> wrote:
> Here is our latest minicluster design.
> We used the gumstix stagecoach.
> It's nice, 196 Ovaros in a box. We had a number of failed attempts on
> an enclosure design:
> That was my first design, it was really quite compact and fun, and it
> was a huge pain to assemble. It hit the basic high points however: 7
> nodes per stagecoach, 7 stagecoaches per shelf, a switch per shelf
> that reduced the outgoing enet cables to one. Power was a huge issue;
> 5V 80A per shelf, which was not fun. 10 GA wires never are.
> I know at least some people on this list know Mitch Williams. He came
> up with this:
> It's quite elegant: self-contained shelves, with power supply,
> Rigrunner for fuses,
> continues the use of an 8-port switch per shelf, so each shelf has one
> 120V power cable and one enet cable coming out.
> Plan 9 is in the works. This is a nice test and development platform
> for software. We're going to make the design available in a way that
> people can easily build their own.
> ron

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