On Wed, 04 Feb 2015 01:17:00 GMT christophe DAMAS <christophe.da...@gmail.com> 
> I need to access to /adm/timezone to change the timezone. 
> How do I log as user adm ?
> I use the standard plan9.iso image downloaded form ATT web site.

Do you mean 9pi.img?

> I have not set any password. Glenda is automatically logged in. 

You need to change cmdline.txt on the boot (DOS) partition to
not automatically log in as glenda.

% c:            # this mounts the dos partition
% cd /n/c
% cp cmdline-term.txt cmdline.txt
% fshalt        # wait till it says "done halting"
^T^Tr           # reboot

Now it will prompt you for a user name. Use sys or some other
name from the line starting with adm: in /adm/users.

> I'm new to plan9. Read ATT docs, but I have not understand how to set
> password, and how to log as another user?

Just reboot and log in as another user.  See the plan9 wiki
for a more elaborate setup.

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