>  Ken and rob are currently working at google trying to
make sure it stays so - the idea being that if the stupid people that
control the real OS can't be made to learn at least they'll make
themselves an abstract environment that can hide the past and all the
pain, to then work on interesting, more challenging ideas on the
higher level (in the web) without distractions.

So, to make sure I understand correctly, the idea is to leave the actual OS
behind, and have all future development done entirely in the web, with the
browser as an application platform/web services being the OS, and finding a
way to make web services more composable? And this is being actively worked
on by Rob and Ken? I'm tempted to somehow work in the 9front release title
"Why not as a JS library?"

Is there any more information on this? I'd be interested in seeing what a
design like that would be like, and what challenges they're trying to
address. The browser as a platform and the technologies around it seem like
such a kludge after 20-some years of incremental, meandering progress, I'd
think there might be a lot of difficulty trying to base a simple, solid
system on them. Then again, I'm not a web dev, so I could be
misunderstanding what goes on in that domain entirely.

Thanks again!


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