That sounds cool.


> On Sep 22, 2016, at 6:49 PM, michaelian ennis <> 
> wrote:
> Not exactly what you meant but Coraid did implement a something like this 
> that had 9p on it.  Sort of.  It was an ARM based PCIe card spoke 9p over 
> something like IL without the IP (bwc called it EL) using network ports on 
> the card.  
> Sometimes they appear on ebay as "coraid mass storage NIC" or some such.  Not 
> the repurposed SuperMicro Cards but something that looks mor complicated with 
> a SO-DIMM socket on it. 
> The ARM CPU was also used for other services running on/for the platform that 
> were performed by the card.  The card could be powered by POE so the chassis 
> could be powered down and the card could still be accessed. The firmware on 
> the card was, IIRC, not quite plan9 but constructed mostly from plan9.
> Ian

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