Good point, thank you.  The reason I keep talking about the RPi
is that I know it's (mostly) supported and I can buy it from a reseller
that I (mostly) trust. :)

I was looking at putting together a system for a file server, and I've
come to the conclusion that I'll have to build it myself, based on what
has been written here and online about what is supported.  If I could
have just purchased a specific model of computer pre-built, I would
have done that.  20 years ago it was fun to build my own plan 9 cluster
from parts I assembled, these days I'm not as into that as I used to be!


On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 8:56 AM Michael Kockmeyer <> wrote:

> I'm seeing that the PI is getting lot's of attention here on 9fans.
> I use a Fujitsu thin client as terminal. These (and other vendors) can
> be bought on ebay extremly cheaply (half the price of a PI or cheaper),
> have nice case, Gigabit ethernet, enough USB ports, decent cpu power,
> replaceable and upgradable ram and a PCI slot.

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