> On Dec 3, 2016, at 11:20 AM, Dave MacFarlane <driu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I mentioned in another thread that I had started working on a pure go
> git client a while ago, then abandoned it, which gave me an itch to
> pick it up again. I've finally implemented enough that it can
> bootstrap its own development, and theoretically be used on Plan 9,
> but then I realized I don't currently have any machines with all of
> Plan 9, Go, and a network connection to test it on.
> Would someone who has all of the above kindly try compiling it on Plan
> 9 and let me know if there's any problems? It's at
> https://github.com/driusan/go-git.You'll need the 9legacy git rc hack
> for Go to bootstrap it..
> You should be able to:
> go-git init
> go-git clone*
> go-git fetch*
> go-git add file (from the root of the working directory only)
> go-git checkout file (same)
> go-git commit -m 'message'
> go-git status
> go-git merge (fast-forward only)
> go-git push works over https to GitLab, but not GitHub (GitHub
> responds with "200 OK" and no body but doesn't update the references,
> so I opened a ticket to see if I can get more information from them
> about why it doesn't work.. you also need to run as "go-git push
> localbranchname", which isn't the standard git command line.. )
> The happy paths for a few other git plumbing commands are implemented.
> The code's not very well written (I didn't know much about git
> internals or Go when I started, and mostly just wanted to hack
> something together that works at first), but if anyone wants to
> contribute, you can try to email me a patch using ape/diff in some
> kind of format that I can apply under DragonFlyBSD and commit under
> your name until whatever the issue with GitHub is is resolved..
> * large repositories will likely crash because the Go zlib
> implementation is greedy on the underlying io.Reader, and the hack
> that I added to rewind to the end of the last compressed block when
> reading packfiles isn't 100% accurate.
> - Dave

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