On 5 February 2017 at 05:23, Bakul Shah <ba...@bitblocks.com> wrote:

> I think shutdown(sock, SHU_RD) is mainly to let the sender generate an
> SIGPIPE signal in case it has sent data on a closed direction of a
> connection. But I think this is only for completeness. Almost always you’d
> use close(sock). At least I have not found a usecase when I’d want to
> shutdown the read-end but continue sending on write-end.

Yes. That's roughly what I tried to do with my network pipe, but at least
at the time, target systems differed (as they were apparently allowed) as
to whether they reliably delivered data or simply flushed it, so in the end
I had to add some protocol to ensure it, and didn't need the "feature".

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