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> Venti is similarly corruptible, right? Since the checksum is over just the
> content. If you downloaded https://shattered.io/static/shattered-1.pdf
> <https://shattered.io/static/shattered-2.pdf> and
> https://shattered.io/static/shattered-2.pdf, venti would lose the
> contents of one.

Luckily, (a) they are both bigger than the block size usually configured,
over which the hash is calculated, and (b) in case someone tries it, you've
actually linked to the same file (-2.pdf) but under different names, so
there won't be a collision by following your links. Hurrah!

Venti detects a collision on the attempt to write the second copy if that
differs from the earlier one stored (error "store collision"). The earlier
copy is untouched (venti anyway is write-once per score).
Fossil doesn't handle it well, because it turns up during archiving and
ends up marking the archive attempt as failed, but it will try again.
Meanwhile, you've got time to change fossil to check the venti error return
for "score collision" and announce it, loudly, discarding the second one.
Obviously if you care about something, make sure your version is in venti
first! Chances are that collisions arise from naughty people tricking you
later. Probably.

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