On Tue, 07 Mar 2017 01:55:49 GMT kraftkl...@memeware.net wrote:
> Dear,
> I just put plan9 onto my raspi. When I plug it in , it all seems to 
> work, including the mouse, but my wired USB keyboard (a dell rt7d10) 

This keyboard has 7 "hot keys" -- chances are it is sending
some code not understood by plan9's kbd driver. Suggest buying
a keyboard that has no fancy features.

> will not work. I get the error:
> error intr 0000082
> With more 0s, but I didn't bother counting.
> Why is this? Can this problem be solved in the software, or do I need to 

Assuming the message starts out something like
    usbotg: epX.Y error intr
it is from /sys/src/9/bcm/usbdwc.c.  0x80 means Xacterr
(transaction error) and 0x02 means Ahberr (AHB DMA error).

> just buy another keyboard?

Yes. A simple non-fancy keyboard.

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