On Tue, 13 Feb 2018 15:13:36 -0800 Lyndon Nerenberg <lyn...@orthanc.ca> wrote:
> +100 on DVCS and needless complexity.  cvs or sccs provides all the 
> functionality I've ever needed in an SCM system.  Although I confess I 
> have been seduced by git's ability to instantly create and switch between 
> branches.  It makes trying out "what if" scenarios completely painless. 
> But it's not enough to convince me to use git except on very rare 
> occasions.

Git has far too many subcommands and impementation warts but
its underlying model has just 4 types of objects. The
distributed part of git is conceptually fairly simple too.
Over time I have used sccs, rcs, cvs, subversion, mercurial,
git and a couple other SCMs. Each has its pros and cons.  By
now I primarily use git because I can run it on all the
platform and it is quite fast. And there is an active
ecosystem around it. Things like code review systems do help
quite a bit with improving code quality (in my last job I used
gerrit to brainwash people into following good practices by
providing detailed core review comments).

Dave MacFarlane's git client (dgit) does a decent job on plan9.

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