% cat x.c
#include <u.h>
uintptr foo[3];
uintptr bar=&foo[2];

% 8c -c x.c     # this works.
% 5c -c x.c     # this fails
x.c:3 initializer is not a constant: bar

If I change the last line to

uintptr* bar=&foo[2];

Both compilers compile it fine. But if I change the last line

uintptr bar=(uintptr)&foo[2];

both compilers fail. Note that the last two examples are
type correct.

uintptr is the same size as int* so there should be no runtime
cost and we already know from the second example that &foo[2]
is a link time constant.

Similar code to the last two examples compiles on gcc/clang.

This seems like a compiler bug.

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