> On Sep 2, 2018, at 2:25 AM, Lucio De Re <lucio.d...@gmail.com> wrote:
> (GIT is the main reason for my begging here: I "pull" the latest Go to
> my workstation, then "archive" to Plan 9 (fossil). But fossil is slow,
> too slow to compete even with cross-compiling to plan9_386. Part of
> the problem is needing to flush the "archive" target in case bits have
> been removed and "export" does not delete them on the target - that
> works well, though, with fresh releases, like go1.11, of late. To be
> honest, I have the slack to use Plan 9 on a low-powered
> server/workstation combination and even cross-produce Linux-64
> executables for production; but building the Go distribution isn't
> really worth the trouble - I make a special effort to do that, not
> often enough.)

I now run 9front on FreeBSD under bhyve on a 10 year old
athlon64 machine. Initially I cross compiled go but now a native
compile doesn’t take all that long, using a previously compiled
Go as the bootstrap compiler. I’m using 9front’s new filesystem,
not fossil.

The “dgit” program (Dave McFarlane, with assists from Chris
McGee) works well enough now for “go get” or “git pull”.

I too want a unified filesystem that all my machines feed off of but
so far I have not found a solution. Local file systems are still faster.

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