Format of TIGER/lines was changed several times after 1995.
Have a lokk at there is no regexp, but some sort
of query language.

ср, 9 окт. 2019 г. в 22:27, Anthony Sorace <>:

> This isn't really a Plan 9 question at this point, but since we've been
> talking about 2e a bit:
> 2e included a program road(7), which allowed you to explore a US map
> database. It has a neat property where you can highlight individual
> features via regexp match. You could have a map containing only selected
> roads (say you wanted to show only the Interstates going into your city).
> road(7) never got updated after 2e, and I don't know how to recreate the
> Tiger database it pulled from, regardless.
> Anyone know of anything, on any platform, which does something similar?
> Show only selected elements on a road map?

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