Title: extremly well

Fixer Upper

Joanna is a goner according to our insider source

She has stepped down from Fixer Upper due to a new project that will make all the lines and wrinkles go away from your face.

Everyone is in fully support of Joanna has she provides a cheap and effective way for everyone look younger again.

HGTV applied the pressure for her to resign


received. To this was appended her uncles wellknown signature, Ralph Le Baron. Well, sighed Barbara, as she started to tie the papers together again, I suppose Uncle Ralph settled this debt a long time ago. Suddenly a big, cheerful presence darkened the doorway. Hello, Bab called Mr. Stuart. Why are you alone The s have gone up to the Squires for Grace, Bab explained, and mother is at market. But do

almost ashamed to tell you, Mr. Stuart, but you and Ruth have been so awfully good to us, I think I shall just ask you one more favor. These are some business papers my father left when he died. No one has ever looked them over. I have always dered if they could be of any value. Of course I know it is foolish of me to even dream

Have you any memorandum among your husbands papers which would prove that the was returned to him before his death Mrs. Thurston shook her head. Barbara was staring at her mother with wide open brown eyes, her cheeks paling, then flushing. Here was a mystery My brother, said Mrs. Thurston finally, settled my affairs for me at the

of such a thing. But would you mind glancing at them, please Barbara handed the roll of documents to her friend with such a pretty look of pleading in her brown eyes that a much harder hearted man than Mr. Stuart could not have refused her. Certainly; I shall be glad to have a look at them, Mr. Stuart answered. Tick, tock,
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