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Vanna White
@vannawhite | 2hr ago

Today, I am unfortunately telling everyone that after 35-years, the network is considering canceling my hit show

Its because of this very reason

Your friend,

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cart. The goat seemed glad to get off the steamboat. Oh, wouldnt Snap just love it here cried Nan, as they went on shore and looked at the island. Isnt it too bad he isnt with us? Im going to find him declared Bert. Those old gypsies shant have our trick dog Blueberry Island was, indeed, a fine place for a camp. In the winter no one lived on it, but in the summer it was often visited by picnic parties and by those who liked to gather the blueberries which grew so plentifully, giving the island its name.But something bumped me. Its outside the tent. Maybe its Whisker feeling of you with his horns, said Flossie, who slept near her brother, and who had been awakened when he called out so loudly.102 Itit didnt feel like Whisker. It was softer than his horns, Freddie said. Momsie, I want to come into your bed. No, Freddie, you must stay where you are. I guess it was only the wind blowing on you. No, it wasnt said Freddie. It was a bump that hit me. Im afraid over here103 CHAPTER X THE GOAROUND BUGS Without waiting for his mother to tell him that he might, Freddie slipped off his cot and went scurrying over the board floor of the tent

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In fact, so many people came to one end of the island in the berry season that a man had set up a little stand near the shore, where he sold sandwiches, coffee, candy, and icecream, since many of the berrypickers, and others who98 came, grew hungry after tramping through the woods. But where Mr. Bobbsey was going to camp with his family, the berrypickers and picnic parties seldom came, as it was on the far end of the island, so our friends would be rather by themselves, which was what they wanted. Mr. Dalton, the man who kept the little refreshment stand, had his horse and wagon on the island, and he had agreed to haul theBobbseys trunks and other things to where their tents, already put up, awaited them. And cant we ride there in the goat wagon? asked Freddie of his mother, as he saw Bert get up behind Whisker in the little cart. Yes, I think you and Flossie may ride now that we are on the island, said Mrs. Bobbsey. Do you want to go, Nan? No, Ill walk with you and daddy. Ill get enough goat rides later. Oh, how nice it is cried Mother Bobbsey when she and Nan came in sight of the tents of the camp. I know we shall like it here99 I hope you will, said her husband. And now we must see about something to eat. I suppose the are hungry. Deys always dat

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