This is not an abc question, and I apologize for being a little
off-topic, but abc will help me ask it, and I wouldn't be
surprised if someone on this list knows the answer. Feel free to
respond off-list.

I was recently asked to play at a wedding. I whipped up an
arrangement for classical guitar of a tune from Praetorius'
Terpsichore and learned it. It went very well. Afterwards, the
bride asked me where she could find a CD of the music.

Unfortunately, no two editions or recordings of Terpsichore has
the same selection of movements, and the one I played is simply
listed in the edition I have as "Ballet."

I've been poking around looking at recordings of
Praetorius and listening to sound files of selected tracks, but it
seems none of the recordings I investigated has the same movement
titles in the same order as the edition I have, and none of the
"ballet" movements that are represented by sound files is the
right one. I've also been to my local "Borders Books and Music,"
where they let you open a CD and listen to it without buying it
but they only had one recording, and none of the included "Ballet"
movements was the right one.

Below is abc of the melody line of the movement I'm interested in.
Does anyone know of a recording of Terpsichore that includes this

B3/c/ B/c/A/B/|G3/A/ B/c/d/B/|c2B2|A3B/c/|
d2c2|B/G/A/B/ c/B/A/G/|FG3/F//E//F|G3d|]
d3/c/ B/c/d|c3/B/ A/B/c|B3/A/ G/A/B|A/G/^F/=E/Dd|
d3/c/ B/c/d|c3/B/ A/B/c|Bc/B/ A/G/A|G3d||
d/c/B/A/ B/c/d/B/|c/B/A/G/ A/B/c/A/|G/^F/G/A/B2|A3d|
d/c/d/e/ d/=e/f/d/|c/B/A/G/ A/B/c/B/|A/B/c/B/ A/G/A|G2G2|]


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