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Subject: [Accessibility-ia2] Bitmask for rare accessibility attributes
Date: Tue, Sep 6, 2016 5:42 PM
One of the objections Jamie brought up to making aria-errormessage an additional interface is that it increases the number of interfaces AT needs to call on every single accessible. I've also thought about this same issue, as the number of nodes in an average web page continues to grow along with the number of interfaces in IA2.
What would folks think of adding some sort of bitmask to allow AT to quickly test for the presence of lots of properties at the same time? Something like:
HRESULT propertyBitmask([out, retval] IA2PropertyBitmask *bitmask)
enum   IA2PropertyBitmask { 
  IA2_HAS_NAME = 0x01,
One could imagine variants of this, for example AT could fill in the bitmask with properties it's interested in, and the browser would only have to compute those.
- Dominic
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